Joe Danger

A death-defying thrill-ride starring the world’s most determined stuntman, Joe Danger!

I started working for Hello Games way back in April 2011 and I stayed there for 6 years. We joke that Joe is on everything but microwaves – he’s been published on PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux, Fire TV, Apple TV, Ouya, iOS and Android throughout the course of 5 projects.

Joe Danger SE was my first game as a Level Designer and Designer. The series remains my favorite child to this day, I am very fond and proud of it.

I went on to work on 4 more Joe Danger titles creating somewhere in the region of 500 levels single handedly.

Designer/Level Designer/QA Manager
Hello Games
2011 – 2014
Video Games
Joe Danger: SE, Joe Danger 2: The Movie + more
Level Design Guide
Hello Engine, Unity

Below you can find media assets created by me (pre-production, recorded, cut, edited, rendered) and praise for my level design pulled from articles.

"Levels are wonderfully inventive, slowly teaching you all the skills you need. And like its forbears – Mario and Sonic – Joe Danger has a vibrant, child-like sense of fun."

"Yet the game's charm and design ensure that you're never far away from having another go - while the game is unashamedly trial-and-error, its main priority is to ensure you have fun - and the gradual difficulty curve helps keep Joe's motor running."
Video Gamer

"Though the game ultimately culminates in demanding courses which may or may not result in the occasional swear, the build up is gradual to the point where this fact isn't obvious until you go back to the beginning levels; their simplicity seems laughable by comparison."

(Image by Gareth Dutton)