WIP Alpine Scene

Hobby Project started on the 31/08/2016 to showcase my creative processes within an engine that is all new to me. I chose Cryengine V for this task as it’s incredibly powerful, came with a range of high quality assets and ran well on my home computer.

This is very much a work in progress and in a first pass state! However, adding this to my portfolio early forces me to effectively and efficiently record my learning process. I will be updating this page as I go. The finished collection of images shall differ greatly and offer more insight.

I intend to work on this environment for a month or so doing several passes of every aspect and learning more of the engines functions as I go. For example adding a cutscene, taking high quality mock media assets, using volumetic clouds/fog and recording a time lapse are just a few of my ideas for this showcase.

Stay tuned folks!

Hobby Project
31/08/2016 – Present
Cryengine V Sandbox Editor
31/8/2016: Initial planning and drafting of the scene; using basic flora objects and terrain sculpting in order to create a valley and road within a small 128 play area. Keeping it simple I focused mainly on leading the players eye around a gentle bend to the next area. Was a fun way to learn the basics. 1/9/2016: Building up layers of objects, mainly a limited amount of flora such as bushes, trees and fungi/flowers. Establishing a better sense of scale was a key focus along with organizing layers and setting environmental settings such as lighting and fog – to aid with visualization of the scene as I continue to work within it. 1/9/2016: Adding low level details such as trampled grass objects in order to mask terrain texture blending and adding intricate detail objects. 1/9/2016: The next area labelled ‘Lodge’ laid out in a rudimentary fashion. 1/9/2016: A quick pass on the Lodge area as it was looking severely underwhelming after improving the the main area. 2/9/2016: The scene was looking flat over all with very uninteresting lighting. So I set out on a quest to learn how to improve this! I spent most of the evening tweaking environment settings. I also experimented with area triggers linked to audio objects and creature spanwers. 2/9/2016: The next step is to find out how to place ground fog and to crisp the image up a bit, overall with the last two images I feel it’s starting to look quite dark and fuzzy in places (especially the clouds). 3/9/2016: Better scale/fitting lodge, texture painting, foliage tweaks, lighting and environment changes and the discovery of some rather lovely distance objects. 5/9/2016: After contacting a few industry friends with Cryengine knowledge to help me with lighting I was taught a few tips and tricks. I placed some probes and ambient light objects and added some fog objects to the scene. I then made changes to foliage to reduce the overall noisiness of the starting area now that it is better lit.