Star Citizen

Star Citizen aims to create a living, breathing science fiction universe with unparalleled immersion.

My work at Cloud Imperium Games on Star Citizen began late 2016. I started initially as a Live Designer, authoring missions using our proprietary visual scripting software “Subsumption” and building the Persistent Universe utilizing many different technologies for periodic Alpha releases.

In early 2018, I shimmied over to my friends in the art department and I began working as a Technical Artist. With the aim of pushing forward procedural planet based location tech and expanding my engine-side/coding skill base; I created multiple tools for procedural planetside locations using Python.

As much as I enjoyed creating procedural caves, landing areas, underground facilities, and the tools with which to place them on planets; my foray into art was cut short. I returned to the Live Design team as a Senior Live Designer due to my mentor, the tech art director and only other member of the tech art team at the time, moving on to pastures new.

Mid/Senior Live Designer + Technical Artist
Cloud Imperium Games
2016 – 2019
Video Games
Cryengine, Lumberyard

Below is one of many “Around the Verse” episodes I feature in, outlining the design behind the “CitizenCon 2018” demo; serving as a snap-shot of just some of the work I carried out at CIG.

The following images display whitebox to final art for an Underground Facility and a Fallen Satellite used in the above mission, both are FPS PVE/PVP spaces within Star Citizen that I both authored in Cryengine and wrote Python tools for.