Star Citizen

Star Citizen aims to create a living, breathing science fiction universe with unparalleled immersion.

My work on Star Citizen began October 31st 2016. I started initially as a Live Designer, authoring missions using our proprietary visual scripting software “Subsumption” and building the Persistent Universe utilizing many different technologies for periodic Alpha releases.

In January 2018 I began work as a Technical Artist with the aim of pushing forward procedural planet based location tech and expanding my engine-side skill base.

I returned to the Live Design team as a Senior Designer after utilizing my tech content and design skills to create various locations such as procedural caves and underground facilities used in missions within the Star Citizen universe (I was very sorely missed).

Senior Live Designer + Technical Artist
Cloud Imperium Games
31/10/2016 – 01/12/2019
Video Game

Below is an “Around the Verse” episode I feature in that outlines some of the design behind the “CitizenCon 2018” demo and some screenshots illustrating some of my work within the demo.